We are a tecnnology and innovation ecosystem that transforms
the adoption of digital journeys into business value.

Get to know FCamara

From a trajectory that began in 2007, with the dream of Fabio Camara, the founder and current CEO, the FCamara ecosystem was born. Today we are a multinational company with operations in Europe and the United Kingdom, with offices in Portugal, London, Dubai, and the Netherlands.

Our ecosystem involves the orchestration of complete digital journeys, offering a set of skills that allows us to develop initiatives without having to start from scratch. Through Digital Value Creation, our proprietary framework, we offer solutions that drive revenue acceleration, improve operational efficiency, activate new sources of revenue and create projects with impacts. Our approach is personalized, flexible and focused on co-creating the best strategies to generate value.

With extensive specialization in sectors such as retail, healthcare and financial markets, our solutions drive revenue acceleration, improve operational efficiency, activate new sources of revenue and create projects with impacts. We also have an Artificial Intelligence hub that promotes the efficient and integrated adoption of these technologies.

Why the FCamara ecosystem?

Accelerated Execution

Our ecosystem is made up of skills and components that allow us to develop initiatives without having to start from scratch. In addition, we efficiently balance the combination of human intelligence and artificial intelligence, ensuring exceptional results.

Orchestration Capability

Developing a digital journey requires different skills, from infrastructure to security. We ensure an integrated experience by taking responsibility for process integrity.

Business-Centered Generation of Value

Our approach to generating value brings together strategy and operations, avoiding the challenges that result from a misalignment between the two. This union is essential to overcoming obstacles in business initiatives.

Flexible Approach

We are prepared to orchestrate complete journeys, from strategy to execution, but we also adapt to the specific context of each client, taking advantage of existing components.

17 years in the market, serving businesses that are part of the daily lives of millions of people

Brazilian multinational with operations in Europe and the United Kingdom

+ More than 1.300 #OrangeTeam together for one purpose

+ More than 1,000 companies served

Group Brands

Innovation and Venture Building

Play Studio is recognized for turning high-impact ideas into reality, whether by creating businesses from scratch or through partnerships and acquisitions.

The company combines its expertise in idea generation, modeling new businesses, and connections with startups with FCamara, which contributes its scale and deep technology expertise to collaborate on defining the strategy for new ventures, hypothesis testing, launch, and scaling.

Cloud & Cybersecurity 
Data & Analytics

SGA, a FCamara FCamara | Technology and Innovation Ecosystem, is specialized in infrastructure, security, cloud applications, data science, and artificial intelligence with partners such as Microsoft and Google.

Its focus is the absolute digital transformation through technology, providing exponential growth with scalability, performance, high availability, and security.

Solutions for Marketplace

Omnik, a FCamara company, is a technology platform with solutions to transform digital businesses into scalable marketplaces, with B2B and B2C performance.

With a robust, scalable and intuitive seller center to connect digital businesses with sellers and consumers, Omnik transforms e-commerce into a marketplace of any segment in up to 30 days.

Digital Marketing

Digital Nation specializes in digital marketing to drive growth and the best return on investment for its customers. We offer services in performance media, CRM marketing, branded content, strategy and consulting, web analytics, and lead generation.

Selected by ISG Provider Lens™ as the leader in martech segment in E-Commerce quadrants.

Data Journeys

The Dojo is an innovative company in data journeys, specializing in transforming decision-making in organizations to be more data-driven. Its main mission is to unlock the potential of data, converting it into valuable insights that promote accurate and agile decisions, offering consulting services in Data Strategy, Data Literacy, Big Data Analytics and customized AI solutions. The company strategically aligns itself with its clients' business objectives, guaranteeing impactful results through a client-centered approach and innovative methodologies.

Facts and Achievements

A success story, full of important achievements.

Elected for
5 years

The best e-commerce services company in Brazil.

(2016, 2017, 2019, 2021 e 2023)

Elected for 3 years

The best digital performance company in Brazil

(2019, 2020 e 2023)

Winner in the Digital Channels category

Cantarino Brasileiro


customers are satisfied and recommend us

Great Place To Work®

Certified company

ISG Provider Lens™ Next-Gen ADM Services 2023

Leader in Agile Project Development


ISG Paragon Awards

Winner in the​ Transformation​ category​

Prêmio Líderes da Saúde

Winner in the​ Interoperability category​ (Grupo Mídia)