We are

We transform a dreamed world into real journeys.

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Our values

Attitude in the veins

Our entrepreneurial spirit drives us to challenge the market and ourselves. We are restless and raise our talents to better performance levels from the sharing of knowledge.

Collaborative growth

We are a community of people who challenge each other every day. We exchange experiences constantly because growth is more effective when shared.

Valuable partnerships

We put customers at the center of all deliverables and seek to understand the challenges of each business to propose relevant solutions. Our focus is to deliver value to brands, create bonds that generate good results and position us as strategic partners.

Inspired by the transformation

We transform the present with an eye on the future. We think beyond and bet on technology and innovation to drive business, help our customers realize an idea, and impact society.

"The #OrangeTeam is what makes FCamara unique company. We share our dreams, invest in our careers, and together we solve our customers' problems. The synergy for growth, sharing knowledge adding value, improve our work and commitment level. Here we invest in our most valuable asset: our people, our #OrangeBlood”

We are

of Forming Knowledge

Knowledge has the power to transform! We believe in the practice of the culture of sharing, sense of community and, above all, in creating social actions that bring training and development to as many people as possible. And these initiatives are part of who we are!

Orange Juice is a tech community, sponsored by FCamara, aimed at people who are interested in technology and want to share their knowledge, experiences, meet new people and areas, and invest in their professional career.

An Orange Juice initiative, sponsored by FCamara, created in 2017. The program recruits new trainees for companies, and the main goal of this selection process is the professional career growth doe these people. More than 35,000 people enrolled for 4 editions of this Program, and more than 600 people were trained.

Social Transformation

Through partnerships with NGOs and Edtechs that offer dynamics, workshops, classes and apprenticeships, we have already impacted hundreds of people to enter or migrate to the world of technology.

Leadership School

The initiative aims to improve the leadership style, and the way of leading people, projects, and businesses, through self-knowledge and authenticity. The School provides top leadership with an immersion in the values and mantras of our culture.