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4 reasons to build a business differentiation by customizing your ecommerce platform

Ecommerce is changing the world of retail as we know it, surpassing traditional ways of doing business. In fact, people’s shopping habits are shifting quickly onto new directions. So, it comes as no surprise that buying things on the internet is becoming the new normal for most of the new generations. 

With that scenario in mind, no business can look the other way. We must, for sure, start to think about how an organization can adapt themselves to the ever-changing online shopping trends and how will they be able to create a strong ecommerce based on trustful data. With the growth of online shopping, investing in B2B or B2C e-commerce platforms becomes a necessity for organizations, regardless of the sector they are doing business.  

E-commerce accounted for nearly 19% of global retail sales in 2022

According to a report by Statista it will account for about a quarter of total sales worldwide by 2027, which means a huge increase no one can ignore. When looking carefully into the Portuguese market, another report is pointing that 62% of Portuguese companies have an online presence – website or social networks, but only 16% of them do really use online platforms to generate business. Nevertheless, e-commerce is growing, with more than half of the Portuguese internet users (53.4%) buying online. These reports believes that the Portuguese e-commerce market will be worth 7.13 billion euros by the end of 2023 and could reach 9.3 billion by 2025.  

On a competitive market like the one we have it is important to work on personalized e-commerce platforms and build journeys adapted to different user profiles. In fact, the same report is saying that 83% of consumers do consider the buying experience as important as the quality of the products, with 69% believing that a good experience increases expectations and 59% of consumers being OK on paying more money for a good shopping experience.
However, there are still many companies that prefer traditional solutions and are unaware of the benefits of a tailored approach. In order to help you changing that scenario, we will list four reasons to invest in the advanced customization of your e-commerce platforms or even to create a platform from scratch:

1 – Being able to respond to specific needs 

Each business has its own specific needs; so, by going for a customized e-commerce platform, it will be easier for the organization to adapt to the challenges of each business (not only by creating new functionalities but also by customizing workflows). Customized e-commerce platforms will also help business to work better on price optimization (taking advantage on the use of software, algorithms or data), but also when it comes to products selling.  

 2 – Faster sales 

Digital ecommerce platforms highlight high conversion rates and selling numbers.  In fact, this is a more efficient way of selling, when compared to a traditional model, as in an online store you can reach a significantly wider range of potential customers. Some other main advantages are the decreased prospecting time, customer contact and product presentation that is, in fact, more immediate. Stock management, replenishment and delivery scheduling may also be seen as other advantages on the ecommerce perspective. And, when it comes to sales, having a 24/7 availability is a huge benefit, so business is always on, taking advantage of the new AI solutions like chatbots, or by allocating specific teams to track the different time zones. Moreover, B2B buyers tend to be quicker in purchasing orders. The average order value of such a transaction is approximately $491. In comparison, the B2C average order value sits at $147. Also important is the fact that websites serving the needs of other ventures outline the average conversion rates at 10%. 

 3 – Improve Customer Experience 

A customer experience that is 100% digital will drive business into some more successful achievements. Whit a digitized portfolio, personalized recommendations, intuitive interfaces, diversified and secure payment methods and some huge quality in customer service, online business is on its way to success. In fact, ecommerce means some greater opportunities for business, taking advantage of the analytical tools and other solutions that allows you to reach a specific target group and personalize the offers you are making. If you provide something that an Internet user might actually need, you increase the chances of a sale and, at the same time, work on a more successful customer journey. Also important is to work on SEO concepts: it is always good to remind customers about your products and, on the online world, thanks to remarketing you can display reminder ads to the users who abandoned their shopping carts. 

4 – Analytics will be giving valuable data insights 

Understanding clients better must come as a first in all business. In doing so, ventures strive to improve their products and services, therefore, rising sales and profit. By having an online selling platform, organizations may take advantage of some data that it provides such as the valuable insight into what buyers search for and what they have really purchase. You also get an understanding of whether the customers use the search box or reach you via click-through. Make no mistake: this data will be essential on your daily work.  

In this ever-evolving digital marketplace, embracing customized e-commerce is not just adapting; it’s leading. 

Having said that, customize your e-commerce platform is no longer a “maybe”! It is a necessary strategy for companies (whether on B2B or B2C business) to survive in a competitive and constantly evolving worldwide market. This journey offers a world of innovation and growth opportunities. As you navigate this path, remember that it’s one of continuous learning and exploration, leading towards transformative success in the digital age. The transformation process may seem challenging and complex but you’re not alone. Partnering with a specialist like FCamara, renowned for their FDC Full Digital Commerce expertise, can simplify the entire process.  

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