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From Zero to Done: 4 reasons to consider squads for Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is no longer a new concept. In fact, it has become a daily strategy for most companies around the world as they fight to keep their businesses flowing in an increasingly dynamic and demanding market. The solution to this scenario also means developing new digital products and optimizing technological processes, which can pose a challenge for organizations.

That’s why Digital Transformation is becoming an obligatory journey for all companies, regardless of their size or industry. In fact, many organizations are now incorporating technology into almost all aspects of their internal and external operations. A strategy that will significantly affect their processes and operations, leading to organizational and structural changes.

According to the “2022 Connectivity Benchmark Report”, companies may be on the verge of an era, risking losing around 7 million euros if they do not invest in Digital Transformation initiatives.

Today, on average, 72% of interactions with customers are in digital mode, which makes it even more important to go for Digital Transformation. On the other hand, organizations have 976 different applications, an increase over the 133 in the last 12 months, according to this MuleSoft study. However, only 28% of these applications are integrated, a slight decrease from the previous year.

Agile Squads for Digital Transformation

In an increasingly demanding reality, organizations must ensure their ability to change by having specialized services capable of leading the Digital Transformation of the company in an agile and simple way.

This is when agile squads come in, as they can change the company’s work philosophy from the inside out.  We can say that these multi-disciplinary teams can simplify the development and improve the quality of digital products.

It is composed of an agile team of specialists in different fields and focuses on multidisciplinarity and autonomous activities.  The goal is that every professional can contribute with their experience and know-how to the development of digital solutions that will bring some benefits to the company.

4 advantages of an Agile Squad you need to consider:

  1. Agility and Flexibility: Multi-disciplinary digital squads with an agile philosophy can always accelerate the delivery of projects, and, at the same time, they also have much more adaptability and response capacity to frequent changes in the environment, business priorities, and the technology scenario itself.
  2. Personalization: Technology solutions such as ERP, CRM, and other software platforms can provide standardized solutions to common problems. This may seem like a good idea, but it is not always the right answer to business problems. In this case, the value chain and competitive factors of the company can and should be reflected in digital initiatives. Therefore, projects that support the digitalization of the competitiveness factors of companies must be developed to achieve goals. If everyone executes and delivers the same thing in the same way, there may be no differentiation at all, then the price itself.
  3. Customer focus: Customer is the key to business success and the focus point of all concerns. A successful journey is halfway to positive results and a long business life. Choosing agile squads helps your organization to prioritize the continuous delivery of value. The same squad can, over time, adapt to digital initiatives aimed at operational efficiency, growth, or even innovation. 
  4. A Culture of Innovation: This type of strategy not only facilitates Digital Transformation, but also ensures competitive advantages for organizations through continuous learning, flexibility and focus on customer feedback. And when we have a happy client you have a great business.

From vision to value: Agile Squads driving digital change

Although the Agile Squads may not solve all problems, they are a viable approach to the Digital Transformation journey as well as in the development, integration, and implementation of software and platforms suitable for any organization. It is essential to view them as a flexible and effective collaborative method that strengthens internal synergy and stimulates innovation.

If you want to achieve this strategy, you must choose a specialized partner in Digital Transformation who can make a difference in this process, as knowledge, skills, and market experience constitute an asset in the development of digital products and solutions. In this sense, Agile Squad partners can help organizations overcome challenges more effectively, from project management to team collaboration, ultimately resulting in improved productivity, high-quality deliveries, and faster time-to-market. Having a partner specializing in agile squads is essentially a strategic investment that helps companies prosper in the world of Digital Transformation.

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